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Know Your Customer

Client Management System

Customer identification process is globally known as KYC, standing for Know Your Customer. It is the process of identification and authorization of the customer considering risk factors related to the business.

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Designed to Simplify Compliance

ECHT software gives you the power to easily manage and update all of your customer's most important KYC information from a single centralized dashboard app.

Reduce Cost

Reduce extreme labor-intensiveness and overall cost of compliance.

Shorten Times

Shorten account opening times and reduce relationship abandonment.

Reduce Mistakes

Prevent important KYC tasks and reduce the chance of mistakes.

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    Built on the
    SharePoint framework

    Data Entry: system is built on the SharePoint framework so it is easily transferable as we currently use SP. Also features the ability to transfer in client data via bulk upload spreadsheet for initial set-up of existing client base.

    Client Management System

    Application loaded onto our desktops with standard authentication and login mechanisms.


    Subscription based model (monthly) with one time implementation fee.


    User Interface and User-based Functions are highly customizable.


    Dashboard style home page with live count of clients per status type.


    Can integrate ability to create contracts based on the information collected during the on boarding process.


    Microsoft Outlook/Office allows for document and correspondence management within the system.


    World Check and other screening systems can be integrated and some of its functions usable in the system.


    Everything done in the system from an upload and information update standpoint is logged and visible/re-portable.